Whatever Happened to Carleton Sheets?

A friend asked me the other day "Whatever happened to Carleton Sheets?" I had not seen as many of his late-night infomercials touting real estate investing, so I began to wonder myself. With a few clicks on the Internet and a "Google" search, I found that Carleton is all over the web and taking advantage of the digital age.

Over the past 20 years, Carleton Sheets has developed one of the top-selling real estate investment programs of all time. Carleton is recognized as the author of the Carleton Sheets No Down Payment® home-study course as well as other successful real estate books, and video and audio programs to support investors. If you've turned on a TV in the late night in recent years, you have seen Carleton explaining and selling his programs. It seems as if Carleton Sheets has reinvented his highly popular real estate program and is now online in a university-type setting. Atwww.CarletonSheets.com you can forget about seminars and buying books or CDs, and just take the online course to increase your knowledge of real estate and making money.

Carleton explains the following on his website: "Simply follow the proven techniques in my programs, and you'll achieve a high level of success as a real estate investor." Carleton's online university is loaded with lots of new and updated info and includes a blog with articles like "Is Private Money Lending an Option for You?" and "How to Spot Foreclosures." You can also find access to resources and tools along with an online forum to connect with other investors. Within the online forum there are a number of interesting posts to include investor success stories, creative financing techniques, and marketing ideas.

Many investors have purchased Carleton's program and benefited from his real estate knowledge. There are many testimonials and success stories on the website of every-day investors who have worked hard using Carleton's system and done well for themselves. It is inspiring to see other investors doing well in real estate and improving their cash flow every year. Years ago, I purchased the "No Down Payment" program and now plan on continuing my real estate education online through the website.

So it looks like Carleton is doing quite well with his newest methods of inspiring and educating real estate investors online. If you haven't checked out what Carleton is up to these days, this is a good opportunity to check out the free stuff on his website: www.CarletonSheets.com!